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Mary Ward High School, Lubhu, Lalitpur, was established in 1997. It is under the management of the Sisters of the Congregation of Jesus founded by an English Lady, Mary Ward, in 1609. It is an international institution especially devoted to the education of youth.

To be admitted to class UKG, a girl must be at least 5 years in the current year. After the registration the administrative staff makes inquires whether they really economically poor and under privileged. This is done to make sure that the objective of running this institution is maintained. With the application from the birth certificate must be produced. The date of birth once entered will not be changed. The final decision with regard to admission rests with the Principal.

The course of studies pursued is laid down in the SLC syllabus by the Curriculum Development Centre, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Examination and Promotion:
There will be continuous assessment of a pupil’s work throughout the year. Promotion will depend on the year’s work, and the final decision depends entirely on the Principal’s discretion.

System of Continuous assessment
Work marks are given for general day to day class work. Marks will often be given for current work. These will be supplemented by occasional revision tests.

Promotion will be based partly on daily assessment and partly on examinations both having equal emphasis.

a) Year’s Work  25%

b) Examination   75%

Extra Curricular Activities
Physical Training, Drill and Games form an important part of school activities.Games and sports are organized and played under the supervision of a teacher. All students are expected to take part during the weekly games periods.

Singing, Dancing, Needle-work, Drawing, Gardening are also included in the Time-table. Inter house Debates, Elocution, Dramatics and Quiz contests are also encouraged.

Special Features:
The school is run on the lines of the HOUSE system form class 1-10. Captains are selected at the commencement of the school year on the basis of application and all round proficiency. Pupils are expected to by the House Moderators and Captains appointed by the school authorities.

Each House has two teachers as House Moderators.

Students are expected to obey the School Captain, House Moderators and the Captains of each house.

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