Scholarships and Awards

Mary Ward School, Lubhu, extends sincere gratitude and appreciation to all friends who have established the following Scholarships and Awards.

Internal Award

1.    Sr. Frances & Hanni Memorial Award (began in 2014 AD by the school)

- To the Best student in English Language of Class 9.


External Award

1.    Mother Benigna Award by ASMAN (Ex-students of St. Mary's School, Jawalakhel):

- For the 1st Toppers of UKG to Class 10 Annually)
- For the over-all improvement of each class annually (UKG - Class 10)

2.    Krishna Acharya Memorial Award:
(began in 2014 AD by Punya Ku. Acharya & family, Lubhu - one of our school Teacher)
- To the SLC 1st Topper.


3.    Hari Ratna & Sons Memorial Award

(began in 2016 AD by Hari Govinda & family, Lubhu)

- To the Best Primary Teacher of the year.

- To the Best Lower Secondary Teacher of the year.

- To the Best Secondary Teacher of the year.


4.    Mr & Mrs Baidhya & Sons Award
(began in 2017 AD by Tr. Pabitra Baidhya & family, Jamshekhel, Lalitpur - one of our school Teacher)
- To the S.E.E.  1st Topper in Science


5.    Aayshwarya Malla Social Service Club Award
(began in 2016 AD by Cl.9 & Cl.10 Students of St. Mary's School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur)
- To the best student of S.E.E. for her +2 studies.

      - SEE Topper of the year of Mary Ward School, Lubhu for her +2 studies.




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